The pharmaceutical company Pro-pharma approached us with the task of designing their new project. This is an online healthcare platform. The platform provides remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging.

We were involved in the process of designing the interface for patients.
Market research
We have realized that the best practice of well-known global companies in the field of online healthcare will become our focus. This helped us speed up the design process. We have tested all intermediate stages on the target audience.

An obligatory step was a detailed market research, the analysis of competitors in Ukraine and user needs research.
The key conclusion was that all major players are paying special attention to UI
They are focused on speed (quick connection with a doctor), a user-friendly patient's cabinet for managing appointments, storing and providing medical information and integration of all accounts of other family members.

We have identified the key user motivations. Why do they prefer online consultations over traditional doctor visits?
Observation for
chronic diseases
Get Second Opinion
Hospital Search
(location, score)
Remote rehabilitation
Remote appointments in places far from from regional centers and big cities
Prescriptions, certificates
Interpretation of test results
Target Segments
The joint brand session helped us define the core of the target audience. It is a woman with children aged 28-35. After thorough research, we have identified 3 target segments:
"I am not a mother who will devote her life to a child. I want to realize myself"
"Well, damn it, how can you trust all doctors?"
Mom for herself
"Time for yourself must be necessary"
The largest online clinic in Ukraine
The online clinic helps to find the best doctor among 10,000 specialists in Ukraine. A quick connection with a doctor will be organized in 5 minutes. The online clinic is nearby and you there is no need to pack up and go anywhere! Only 1 click and you are already in the online clinic!
We called it Teleclinica!
After the brainstorm with a clinets, we chose the name of the project. We called it Teleclinica! After going through more than 15 other options, we have decided to stick with the most broadest name. But, with a clear indication of the project activites. The domain name was free.

System platforms
Patient panel
Doctor panel
Admin panel
Functionality for a patient
Patient profile
Appointment and calendar
Rating and Review
Additionally we have made a detailed CUSDEV with our target audience. We have discovered the user needs for the functionality:
Personalized panel
Tracking the intake and order of medicines
Safe chats
Cloud data storage
atient insurance plan
The UX process stages:
Research of best practice
Testing on the target audience
Prototype correction
UI design
Research of best practice
For the introduction of best practice into the service, we studied the following examples:
On-line medical service
& Ecosystem
Data grouping
The prototyping process is being divided into 3 modules.
1. User profile
User profile consists of personal information including unique ID, phone number and payment card are linked.

The subscription options (individual or family) are described in the profile. Users can manage subscriptions through his profile. Since the service is provided by subscription and is not available to minors, we have provided the ability to add several fully functional patient accounts to the user profile (family subscription). Mothers can add their children or other family members.
2. Doctors data
The doctors profile included personal information, reviews and ratings by patients.

Search module was designed with filters. The upper level of search is by specialty or by last name. The next level of filter is by specialty, gender, rating, experience, region, doctor directions (mainly works — adults or children). Search can be done through the site menu.

If a user is interested in a doctor, he can add to the list selected doctor, which is displayed in the patient's office.
3. Patient platform
This is the largest module that combines online consultation, personal medical information, personal medical widgets, the ability to order tests and make purchases of medicines from different suppliers — laboratories and pharmacies, as well as order medical documents (certificates).
The main function of the project is online consultation
All specialists are divided into 2 categories — doctors on duty (ambulance consultations) and consultants (planning consultation).

Ambulance consultation patient can get in one click. All communication takes place within the 1st screen: search for a doctor, select a doctor, record.

For planning consultation, the patient must select a doctor and date in an entry form. Patient also can upload files if the doctor needs to learn they before consultation.

Patient health ecosystem - all in one place
This is patient health ecosystem. A user (patient) can save personal information and family information in one profile. The patient platform includes 6 sections:
There are saved all consultations
(future and past)
My doctors
The is a list of doctors, which formed in 2 ways - doctors, who had consultation patient and added by himsalfe
Medical widgets
This is medical multitool. The widget features are responsive and can be personalized by the user
Medical tests
There are user can sign up for any available test at partner laboratories
The section also works with partner pharmacies as a marketplace. There are user can search and bay medicines
Medical certificates
User can ordered all approved by Ministry of Healse medical documentation
Prototype For Testing
For testing, we used a prototype with limited feature set — My consultations, My doctors and basic Medical widgets.
The goal of brand identity was to create the image of an innovative American clinic. The perception of the target audience in Ukraine is based on rather stereotyped patterns.

The solid modern medical clinic must be in conservative minimalism in cold colors. The project was implemented in this style.
The design system consist of UI Kit, user profile, Doctors Data and Patient platform (beta vertion include My consultations, My doctors and basic Medical widgets).

The interface has been adapted for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
UI Kit
UI For User Profile
UI For Doctors Data
UI For Patient platform